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Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

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Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day
24 July
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  • cleanskies@yahoo.co.uk
  • cleanskies@livejournal.com
My name is Jeremy, I live in Oxford, a small but beautiful yellow and green city in a damp river valley. I make comics and cartoons and wine, when I have enough grapes. By day I work for the government, doing a variety of things which aim to make life more fun, interesting and satisfying for all. I like my garden, comics, toys and draw on anything available. I try to strike a good balance of fun, creative, practical and useful content, in this journal, as in my life.

This is my primary personal blog, which means it contains a lot of ramble. If you have specific interests you might prefer:

Comics and cartoons? Make friends with theweeklystrip.

Photographs? Friend me on Flickr or grab the feed at jrmyphoto,

Short content & links? cleanskies has a tumblr (cleansk_tumblr)

Tech/web/information/socialweb and making the world a better place? Cleanskies (cleanskies_blog)

Gardening? You want The Punk Gardener or jrd_punk_garden as we call her in these parts.

Scrapbooking? You want the Cleanskies Pinterest.

I used to have comics available for sale or swap, and there may still be one or two kicking around, or maybe you've just enjoyed yourself and want to say so - either way, the button below may be used for purchase, patronage or simple appreciation.

2000ad, accuracy, action man, action sampler, advice, alison bechdel, anatomy, angela carter, antique pornography, apocalypses, art, arthur tress, artificial birds, aubrey beardsley, autobiography, birds, book modification, brains, broken toys, calendars, cartooning, cartoons, charity shops, cheap cameras, childrens books, china mieville, clive barker, cocktails, collage, colour, colour variation, comics, consciousness, corto maltese, cycling, dale chihuly, david bowie, david cronenberg, derek jarman, dirty stories, discrepancies, disposable cameras, disturbance patterns, donna barr, doodling, double meanings, drawing, dreams, eddie campbell, edward gorey, ephemera, eyes, felt tip pens, fortean phenomena, fosca, frans masereel, fruits basket, gardening, gender transgression, ghosts, gin, glitter, godzilla, goldfinches, grant morrison, graphic novels, hair dye, haruki murakami, hawaiian shirts, holga, homocidal ideation, injuries, ink, invented religion, iridescence, j g ballard, james morrow, jan saudek, jan svankmajer, jean genet, jeremy dennis, killer frost, kinder eggs, ladyfest, loneliness, lost things, lurid stories, magic markers, male dolls, migraines, mike mignola, minicomics, mixtapes, museums, music videos, nail polish, old books, owls, oxford, paper, pen nibs, pens, peter greenaway, pirates, plastic cameras, plastic dinosaurs, plastic toys, playmobil, polaroids, popular science, pulp paperbacks, radiohead, roberta gregory, robots, rubbish, samurai jack, science fiction, sequential art, sequins, sexology, shoes, short films, sigur ros, sindy dolls, stories, suicidal ideation, takeshi kitano, taxidermy, tea, tenchi, threshold shifts, tiger lillies, tim powers, to my boy, tove jansson, transhumanism, translucency, transparency, trees, trivia, trousers, uncertainty, video, web comics, will self, william burroughs, wine, womens rights, xxx-holic, zines

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